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14 Jan 2017

Dominican Republic

Paradise in Caribbean Sea surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, an island shared with Republic of Haiti.

Dominic Republic is the second largest country in Caribbean region, with a population around 10 million.
If you are in need of a vacation with white sand beaches, turquoise blue sea, wild nature, waterfalls, lakes and mountains, merengue music and dance; Dominican R.is the right choice.
You can either choose to spend your time in luxury holiday resorts or explore small places and nature.

Dominican Republic_Beach_Coconut trees
Dominican Republic_Beach_Coconut trees
19 Nov 2016

Alicante – Spain

South east of Spain is a perfect travel destination for history and relaxation. Alicante has a mild climate, sunny days and sand beaches.

We travelled beginning of November. Day time was around 23 degrees and same temperature in the sea, nice to swim. The locals are very friendly and food is delicious. Just great!

24 Sep 2016

Bergamo – Italy

If you are already in Milano, you can to visit Bergamo for a couple of days. One of the most scenic cities in Italy, it is located on and around a steep hill, green in the summer and white in the winter.


14 Aug 2016

Northern Sweden – Aurora Borealis at Kiruna and Abisko

Unique experience, Swedish Lapland in North Sweden. -40 C in winter time and +20 in summer time where you can see the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights. The nature is very wild, and less populated. This region is also home for Sami people.