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01 Sep 2019

El Campello

There are many reasons to stay at El Campello instead of busy touristic cities at SouthWest Coast of Spain around Alicante. El Campello old town is built around the former fishing area, therefore still protected small fishing houses exist in the centre.

This place is preserved and has a nice cosmopolitan character. 

05 Jun 2018

Alicante – A day trip to El Campello

During your summer vacation in Alicante, a daily trip around Costa Blanca will offer you great beaches and long seasides,

If you stay in Alicante at summer period, a perfect day trip is to El Campello. It is popular with Spanish tourists, located in the Northern of Costa Blanca. Population of this small town is around 26 000.

Take a swim here at Costa Blanca beaches, and enjoy your delicious lunch.

El Campello

29 Oct 2017

Alicante – Volvo Ocean Race Start

The world’s toughest off-shore sailing race started from Alicante at 22nd October 2017. This will be the ultimate test of the 7 sailing teams for 9 months.

The race will be around the world – across four oceans, touching six continents and 12 landmark Host Cities, finishing at the end of June 2018 in The Hague.

Volvo Ocean Race_Alicante Race start

08 Jul 2017

Alicante – Spain During the Festival Bonfires in June

The Bonfires of Saint John (Hogueras de San Juan) is a traditional and popular festival celebrated around the world during Midsummer, which takes place on the evening of 23 June, St. John’s Eve. It is customary in many cities and towns in Spain; the largest one takes place in Alicante, where it is the most important festival in the city.

Alicante Spain -Hogueras de San Juan in June – midsummer

19 Nov 2016

Alicante – Spain

South east of Spain is a perfect travel destination for history and relaxation. Alicante has a mild climate, sunny days and sand beaches.

We travelled beginning of November. Day time was around 23 degrees and same temperature in the sea, nice to swim. The locals are very friendly and food is delicious. Just great!