Alicante – Volvo Ocean Race Start

October 29, 2017

The world’s toughest off-shore sailing race started from Alicante at 22nd October 2017. This will be the ultimate test of the 7 sailing teams for 9 months.

The race will be around the world – across four oceans, touching six continents and 12 landmark Host Cities, finishing at the end of June 2018 in The Hague.

Volvo Ocean Race_Alicante Race start

Alicante was very busy the whole week with visitors and the sailing teams. The gates to the Race village were open at 11th October 18:00 with a ceremony and fireworks.
There are many activities in the race village to give the visitors a better understanding on the challenges during the race.

Volvo Ocean Race_Alicante Race village

Most of all, the globe tent, in the Alicante Race Village, have informative movies about Volvo ocean race, and former experiences.

Volvo Ocean Race_Alicante Race village

Especially, one of the 3D simulation at Turn the tide on plastics place, to increase the awareness to the environment. The aim is to reduce the use of plastics: everyone can contribute.

Visit the sail boat Brasil 1 inside and outside

Volvo Ocean Race_Inside the boat_Alicante Race village
Inside the boat_Alicante Race village

Volvo cars test area

Volvo Ocean Race_Volvo car testing
Volvo Ocean Race_Alicante Race Teams


-Team AkzoNobel
-China’s Dongfeng Race Team
-MAPFRE: Spanish boats have competed in eight of the previous 12 editions of the Volvo Ocean Race – formerly the Whitbread Round the World Race – but the country is still looking for a first win. Could this be the year?
-Vestas in partnership with 11th Hour Racing. Vestas 11th Hour Racing has two core aims: to do well on the water and promote a sustainable message across the world.
-Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag representing Hong Kong, aims to promote competitive sailing and build a long-lasting youth sailing legacy in Asia.
-Team Turn the Tide on Plastic with a strong sustainability message in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. The campaign, already backed by the Mirpuri Foundation and Ocean Family Foundation, is dedicated to the issue of ocean health.
-Team Brunel will support an initiative known as ‘Engineering the Future’.

Schedule and Stopover dates
Race Village opening: 11 October 2017
MAPFRE In-Port Race Alicante: 14 October 2017
Leg Start: 22 October 2017

Race Village opening: 31 October 2017
In-Port Race: 3 November 2017
Leg Start: 5 November 2017

Cape Town
Race Village opening: 24 November 2017
In-Port Race: 8 December 2017
Leg Start: 10 December 2017

Race Village opening: 27 December 2017
In-Port Race: N/A*
Leg Start: 2 January 2018
*A compressed stopover, there is no time to stage an In-Port Race as the crew get the rest they need before heading back into the Southern Ocean.

Hong Kong
Race Village opening: 17 January 2018
In-Port Race: 27 January 2018 & Round the Island Race 28 January*
Leg 5 Start: 1 February 2018
Leg 6 Start: 7 February 2018

Race Village opening: 31 January 2018
In-Port Race: 3 February 2018
Leg Start: 5 February 2018

Race Village opening: 24 February 2018
In-Port Race: 10 March 2018
Leg Start: 18 March 2018

Race Village opening: 5 April 2018
In-Port Race: 20 April 2018
Leg Start: 22 April 2018

Race Village opening: 8 May 2018
In-Port Race: 19 May 2018
Leg Start: 20 May 2018

Race Village opening: 27 May 2018
In-Port Race: 8 June 2018
Leg Start: 10 June 2018

Race Village opening: 14 June 2018
In-Port Race: 17 June 2018
Leg Start: 21 June 2018

The Hague
Race Village opening: 24 June 2018
In-Port Race: 30 June 2018